LADA crepes

Ingredients needed: 200 g flour (type 400, soft) 2 eggs 1 dl oil 3 dl of milk and a little lukewarm water teaspoon of salt and sugar Preparation: Put flour into a deeper plastic bowl and add eggs and about 2 dl of milk. Whisk the mixture. The batter should be thick and smooth, without […]

Roast pork with mustard and LADA blueberry jam topping

Ingredients needed: 200 g LADA blueberry jam ¼ teaspoons of hot spice, according to desire and taste juice of half a squeezed orange, with pulp 3 tablespoons mustard salt and pepper to taste 700 g pork loin 50 ml of oil Preparation: Add salt, pepper and one tablespoon of mustard to the meat. Put the […]

LADA cake with jam

Ingredients: 1 cup of oil 2 cups of water 2 cups of sugar 4 cups of flour 20g of baking powder 6 tbsp of cocoa 1 tbsp rum extract 400g Lada diet plum jam 1 tsp cinnamon sprinkle with ground walnuts if desired Note: the cup is 200ml Preparation: Mix flour, cocoa, sugar, baking powder […]